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OCESA is a non-profit Organisation for Cancer Education in South Africa.

Cancer rates in South Africa and across the world increase daily. According to CANSA, 115 000 South Africans are diagnosed with Cancer each year.  This terrifying fact is due to our lifestyle changes, our genetics, our family history, our exposure to viruses, our jobs, the air we breathe, alcohol habits, smoking habits and us simply getting older and living a longer life – as our risk of getting cancer increases with age.

People who have had cancer experience feelings of unwanted loneliness, loss of control and loss of hope. Cancer education is vital to each and every individual in our society, as prevention and being informed about cancer is better than going through such a traumatic experience. 

The resources, tips and guides provided by OCESA can assist with the “how to deal with it?”, “who to talk to?” and “what help is out there?” questions. OCESA also aims to distribute information to increase awareness, knowledge, perception and a sense of control.

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